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August 21, 2017 (Regular Meeting) Page 3247 <br /> department's education animals, and additional storage spaces. He stated that <br /> Seth led eight volunteers through the planning, construction and installation <br /> of the structure totaling one hundred service hours. Alex Beck, Park Program <br /> Manager was also in attendance. <br /> Seth was presented with a plaque of appreciation for his project. <br /> Seth accepted the plaque and expressed appreciation for the opportunity <br /> to complete his Eagle Scout project at Rob Wallace Park. <br /> (C-3) ITS - Recognition of 2017 15th Annual Digital Counties Survey Achievement <br /> On behalf of the Information Technology Services Department, Todd Shanley, <br /> Deputy Chief Information Officer accepted the Annual Digital Counties Survey <br /> Achievement. Cabarrus County came in fifth place in the 150, 000 - 249, 000 <br /> population category of the 2017 15th Annual Digital Counties Survey. The survey, <br /> conducted by The Center for Digital Government (CDG) in partnership with the <br /> National Association of Counties (NACo) , identifies the best technology <br /> practices among U.S. counties, including initiatives that save tax dollars <br /> through newfound efficiencies; boost transparency, cybersecurity and <br /> engagement; or innovate through unique and exciting projects. <br /> (D) INFORMAL COMMENTS <br /> Chairman Morris opened the meeting for Informal Public Comments at 6:46 <br /> p.m. He stated each speaker would be limited to three minutes. <br /> Mr. Roland Jordan, resident of 134 Lore Street in Concord, spoke regarding <br /> public attendance at community events. <br /> Ruchix Mehta, owner of the Marathon Convenient Store located on Concord <br /> Lake Road, expressed concerns regarding the closure of the Concord Lake Road <br /> Bridge. <br /> With there being no one else to address the Board, Chairman Morris closed <br /> that portion of the meeting. <br /> (E) OLD BUSINESS <br /> (E-1) Planning and Development - Proposed Text Amendments to Chapter 7 <br /> TEXT2017-00004 - Public Hearing 6:30 p.m. <br /> Richard Koch, County Attorney advised the public hearing is a continued <br /> public hearing from May 15, 2017. <br /> Susie Morris, Planning and Zoning Manager advised the following proposed <br /> text amendment to the Cabarrus County Development Ordinance was tabled from the <br /> regular meeting on May 15, 2017 to the August 21, 2017 regular meeting and the <br /> public hearing was left open to hear comments on TEXT2017-00004 until that date. <br /> The proposed changes relate to the following: <br /> TEXT2017-00004-Chapter 7, Permitted Based on Standards. Consider adding <br /> new type of use called Permanent Temporary Event Facility to Chapter 7, Chapter <br /> 2 Rules of Construction and Definitions, and Chapter 3 Establishment of <br /> Zones. Deletions are in strikeout text. Additions and corrections are in red <br /> text. <br /> Chairman Morris opened the public hearing at 6:52 p.m. The Public Hearing <br /> Notice was published on May 3 and 10, 2017 in The Independent Tribune. The <br /> Public Hearing Notice was also posted on the County' s website <br /> ( on May 15, 2017 in accordance with Article 2, <br /> Administration, Section 2. 1 (Use of Electronic Means to Provide Public Notices) <br /> of the Cabarrus County Code of Ordinances. <br /> There was no one present to address the Board; therefore, Chairman Morris <br /> closed the public hearing. <br /> UPON MOTION by Commissioner Shue, seconded by Vice Chairman Honeycutt and <br /> unanimously carried, the Board adopted proposed text amendment TEXT2017-00004. <br />