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5. Planning and Development - Soil and Water Stewardship Week <br />Proclamation Pg. 29 <br />D. INFORMAL PUBLIC COMMENTS (Each speaker is limited to 3 minutes) <br />E. OLD BUSINESS <br />F. CONSENTAGENDA <br />(Items listed under Consent are generally of a routine nature. The Board may take <br />action to approve/disapprove all items in a single vote. Any item may be withheld <br />from a general action, to be discussed and voted upon separately at the discretion <br />of the Board.) <br />1. Finance - Cabarrus County Schools Renovation Request for J.N. Fries Middle <br />School Pg.32 <br />2. Finance - Resolution Approving Installment Contract Financing for Various <br />Public Projects up to $55,000,000 Pg. 35 <br />3. Library - Presentation of Grant Application Pg. 45 <br />4. Sheriffs Office - Request to Award a Service Weapon to Lieutenant Milton <br />Daniel Hadess Upon Retirement Pg. 55 <br />5. Solid Waste Management - Landfill: Proposed Construction and Demolition <br />Waste and Individual Household Municipal Solid Waste Tipping Fees Pg. 58 <br />6. Solid Waste Management- Scrap Tire Recycling and Disposal Contract with US <br />Tire Recycling Pg. 62 <br />7. Tax Administration - Refund and Release Reports - March 2018 Pg. 71 <br />G. NEW BUSINESS <br />1. Planning and Development Department - Proposed Text Amendment to <br />TEXT2018-00001 - Public Hearing 6:30 p.m. Pg. 83 <br />2. Finance - Acceptance of Construction bid for a new Southwest Area Elementary <br />School for Cabarrus County Schools Pg. 94 <br />3. Board of Commissioners - Resolution Amending the Board of Commissioners' <br />2018 Meeting Schedule Pg. 96 <br />4. County Manager - Mount Pleasant Middle School Sale Offer Review Pg. 99 <br />H. APPOINTMENTS TO BOARDS AND COMMITTEES <br />1. Appointments and Removals - Cabarrus County Animal Protection Advisory <br />Board Pg. 122 <br />2. Board of Commissioners - Request for Applications for County <br />Boards/Committees Pg. 128 <br />