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January 16, 2018 (Regular Meeting) Page 3413 <br />WHEREAS, Black History Month is the observance of a special period to recognize <br />the achievements and contributions of African-Americans to our county, <br />state and nation; and <br />WHEREAS, this observance presents the special opportunity to become more <br />knowledgeable about black heritage, and to honor the many black leaders <br />who have played a part in the progress of our county; and <br />WHEREAS, such knowledge can strengthen the insight of all our citizens regarding <br />the issues of human rights, the great strides that have been made in <br />the crusade to eliminate the barriers of equality for minority groups, <br />and the continuing struggle against racial discrimination and poverty; <br />and <br />WHEREAS, as a result of their determination, hard work, intelligence, and <br />perseverance, African-Americans have achieved exceptional success in <br />all aspects of society including business, education, politics, <br />science, athletics and the arts; and <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT PROCLAIMED that the Board of Commissioners for Cabarrus <br />County, North Carolina, do hereby proclaim February 2018 as BLACK HISTORY MONTH <br />and encourage all citizens to participate in the educational and celebratory <br />events honoring the contributions and accomplishments of African-Americans. <br />ADOPTED this 16�h day of January 2018. <br />/s/ Stephen M. Morris <br />Stephen M. Morris, Chairman <br />Cabarrus County Board of Commissioners <br />ATTEST: <br />/s/ Terri Lea Hugie <br />Terri Lea Bugle, Clerk to the Board <br />(D) INFORMAL COMMENTS <br />Chairman Morris opened the meeting for Informal Public Comments at 6:91 <br />p.m. He stated each speaker would be limited to three minutes. <br />Bishop Roland Jordon, resident of 134 Lore Street SW in Concord spoke <br />regarding civil rights, community and community history, requested annual <br />proclamations and expressed appreciation for the work of our community leaders. <br />With there being no one else to address the Board, Chairman Morris closed <br />that portion of the meeting. <br />(E) OLD BUSINESS <br />None. <br />(F) CONSENT <br />(F-1) County Manager - Establishment of Audit Charter <br />During the FY16 audit process, several compliance issues were discovered <br />in the Human Services Division by the external auditors. As a result of these <br />findings, the County took action and hired a Senior Internal Auditor to begin <br />the process of periodically providing audit reviews of Human Services and all <br />other county departments. Our Senior Internal Auditor started in April of 2017 <br />and has made great progress in improving compliance issues and operations <br />through the other county departments audited thus far. The next step for the <br />County is to establish an Audit Charter and Committee to assist in the control <br />of operations and in reaching a conclusion concerning the overall control over <br />assets and the effectiveness of the system of internal controls of the County. <br />UPON MOTION by Vice Chairman Honeycutt, seconded by Commissioner Shue and <br />unanimously carried, the Board approved the establishment of the Cabarrus County <br />Audit Charter. <br />AUDIT CHARTER <br />I. PURPOSE <br />It is the policy of Cabarrus County to maintain an Internal Audit Division as <br />a means of providing the Board of County Commissioners, the County Manager and <br />all levels of management with information to assist in the control of operations <br />