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February 5, 2018 (Work Session) Page 3932 <br />• What happens every day in Cabarrus County <br />• Homeless children? <br />• Current Potential Solution: Salvation Army <br />• CCM's Programs <br />• CCM <br />• Things We Need <br />• Quote from a Cabarrus County Foster Care Graduate <br />A discussion ensued. During discussion, Ms. Yost and Cheryl Harris, <br />Department of Human Services Social Worker Program Administrator, responded to <br />questions from the Board. Karen Calhoun, Department of Human Services Director, <br />was also in attendance. <br />Infrastructure and Asset Management - New Courthouse Architect Selection <br />Kyle Bilafer, Area Manager of Operations, reported the internal selection <br />committee, through a selection process and presentations, has selected and <br />recommends Pilling Architects as the architectural firm for the new courthouse <br />and renovation of the current courthouse. <br />A lengthy discussion ensued. During discussion, Mr. Bilafer and Michael <br />Miller, Infrastructure and Asset Management Director, responded to questions <br />from the Board. Commissioners Kiger and Shue shared their observations and <br />thoughts regarding their involvement with the selection group, selection process <br />and the recommended architectural firm. <br />Infrastructure and Asset Management - Proposed Western Senior Center and Library <br />Discussion <br />Kyle Bilafer, Area Manager of Operations, reported staff has been <br />discussing a proposed Western Senior Center and Library with a developer. In <br />that regard, he requested direction and comments from the Board. <br />Jonathan Marshall, Deputy County Manager, advised the difference in this <br />proposal is the County would work with the developer in the design of the <br />building, have it built by the developer and lease it, with an option to purchase <br />in the future. Mr. Marshall requested the Board's input so as to begin contract <br />negotiations with the developer, should the Board choose to move forward with <br />the project. <br />A discussion ensued. During discussion, Mr. Bilafer and Mr. Marshall <br />responded to questions from the Board. <br />Discussion Items for Action at February 19, 2018 Meeting <br />Finance - Cabarrus County Schools - West Cabarrus High School Unsuitable Soils <br />Tim Lowder, Cabarrus County Schools (CCS) Director of Operations, <br />requested $600,000 to address the discovery of unsuitable soils on the West <br />Cabarrus High School project. <br />Susan Fearrington, Finance Director, reported the full amount of <br />contingency funds for this project has not yet been fully funded; this would be <br />done through debt in budget year FY 2019. Therefore, she recommended to use the <br />$919,250 currently held in the West Cabarrus High School Capital Reserve <br />Contingency Fund and $185,750 from the Mount Pleasant Middle School Capital <br />Reserve Contingency Fund that has not been used at this point. <br />A discussion ensued. During discussion, Mr. Lowder, Mike Downs, County <br />Manager, and Ms. Fearrington responded to questions from the Board. Brian Cone, <br />Cabarrus County Schools (CCS) Director of Architecture and Planning and <br />Construction, was also in attendance. <br />UPON MOTION of Commissioner Kiger, seconded by Commissioner Shue and <br />unanimously carried, the Board suspended its Rules of Procedure in order to <br />take action on this item due to time constraints. <br />UPON MOTION of Vice Chairman Honeycutt, seconded by Commissioner Kiger <br />and unanimously carried, the Board approved the $600,000 budget amendment for <br />the West Cabarrus High School and approved the related Project Ordinances. <br />