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April 18, 2017 (Regular Meeting) Page 3088 <br /> The Board of Commissioners for the County of Cabarrus met in regular <br /> session in the Commissioners' Meeting Room at the Cabarrus County Governmental <br /> Center in Concord, North Carolina on Tuesday, April 18, 2017, at 6:30 p.m. <br /> Present - Chairman: Stephen M. Morris <br /> Vice Chairman: Diane R. Honeycutt <br /> Commissioners: F. Blake Kiger <br /> Lynn W. Shue <br /> Elizabeth F. Poole <br /> Also present were Richard M. Koch, County Attorney; Pam Dubois, Senior <br /> Deputy County Manager; Jonathan Marshall, Deputy County Manager; and Megan Smit, <br /> Clerk to the Board. <br /> Chairman Morris called the meeting to order at 6:32 p.m. <br /> Girl Scout Brownie Troop 2225 from Bethel United Methodist Church <br /> conducted the Flag Ceremony. Scouts participating were: Sarah Chmielewski, <br /> Skyler Hicks, Ariana Santillan, Melanie Galmiche and Faith Mortimore. <br /> Pastor Saul Cibas from Charity Baptist Church in Kannapolis delivered the <br /> invocation. <br /> Chairman Morris recognized Youth Commissioner At-Large, Cason Nalbone in <br /> attendance. <br /> (A) APPROVAL OR CORRECTION OF MINUTES <br /> UPON MOTION of Commissioner Kiger, seconded by Commissioner Shue and <br /> unanimously carried, the Board approved the minutes of March 6, 2017 (Work <br /> Session) , and March 20, 2017 (Regular Meeting) as presented. <br /> (B) APPROVAL OF THE AGENDA <br /> Chairman Morris reviewed the following changes to the Agenda. <br /> Additions: <br /> Recognitions and Presentations <br /> C-4 Communications and Outreach - Excellence in Communications Award <br /> Consent <br /> F-2 Finance - Capital Projects to be Funded Through Medicaid Hold Harmless <br /> Funds and Capital Reserve Funds <br /> New Business <br /> G-2 County Manager - Modification of the Concord/Cabarrus County Interlocal <br /> Agreement for the Central Area Plan <br /> Supplemental Information: <br /> Reports <br /> I-4 Finance - Monthly Financial Update <br /> • Report <br /> Moved to May: <br /> New Business <br /> G-1 County Attorney - Request for Refund of Portion of Excise Tax on Real <br /> Property Transfer - Hearing 6:30 P.M:. <br /> Removed: <br /> Closed Session <br /> Closed Session - Pending Litigation and Economic Development <br /> UPON MOTION of Vice Chairman Honeycutt, seconded by Commissioner Shue and <br /> unanimously carried, the Board approved the Agenda as amended. <br /> (C) RECOGNITIONS AND PRESENTATIONS <br /> (C-1) Hauler Parade Presentation <br /> Jacqueline Gafrarar, JHE Production Group, presented a PowerPoint <br /> presentation of the upcoming Hauler Parade and related events beginning May 5th. <br /> (C-2) Active Living and Parks - Older Americans Month 2017 Proclamation <br /> Chairman Morris read the proclamation aloud. <br />