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E. CONSENT AGENDA <br /> <br />(Items listed under Consent are generally of a routine nature. The Board may take action <br />to approve/disapprove all items in a single vote. Any item may be withheld from a general <br />action, to be discussed and voted upon separately at the discretion of the Board.) <br /> <br /> 1. Cable Television Rate Review Findings Prepared by the Centralina Council of <br /> Governments - Approval of Time Warner Cable's Proposed Basic Rate of $5.40 <br /> Per Month <br />2. Department of Aging - Approval of the Urgent Repair Agreement and Urgent Repair <br /> Policies <br />3. Budget Amendment - Department of Aging (Home and Community Care Block Grant <br /> Supplemental Funding - FY '99) <br />4. Budget Amendment - Re-appropriation of Unexpended Budget Funds for W. W. Flowe <br /> Park <br />5. Budget Amendment- Kannapolis Library and Mt. Pleasant Library (Charles A. Cannon <br /> Charitable Trusts Grants) <br />6. Budget Amendment - Department of Social Services (Smart Start and Welfare to Work <br /> Grants) <br />7. Setting a Public Hearing on February 15, 1999 at 6:30 p.m. to Consider the Naming of <br /> Two Unnamed Roads to Garmon-McGuire and Buckeye Ranch Road <br />8. Budget Amendment to Contract for Additional Jail Nursing Services Cabarrus <br /> Health Authority <br /> <br />F. NEW BUSINESS <br /> <br />1. Cabarms County Criminal Justice Partnership Program Community Based Corrections <br /> Plan <br />2. Report by KPMG Peat Marwick on its Assessment of the County Information <br /> Technology Services (ITS) Department and Related Recommendations <br />3. Appeal of the Denial of the Stonegate Subdivision, Dan Moser Company <br />4. Appeal of the Denial of the Wallace Farm Subdivision, D. R. Bryan Company <br />5. Sale of Lake Concord Property - Request to Extend Closin~ Date until July 30, 1999 <br />6. Consideration of Proposal to Purchase 12 Acres of County-Owned Land <br />7. Creation of the Juvenile Crime Prevention Council to Replace the Community Based <br /> Altematives Task Fome <br />8. Setting the Agenda and Format for the Retreat on February 19-20, 1999 <br /> <br />G. APPOINTMENTS TO BOARDS AND COMMITTEES <br /> <br />1. Criminal Justice Partnership Program Advisory Board <br />2. Nursing Home Community Advisory Committee <br />3. Department of Aging Advisory Committee <br />4. Library Board of Trustees <br />5. Planning and Zoning Commission <br /> <br /> <br />