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1. Authorization to Award Service Weapon to Retiring Officer <br /> 2. Budget Amendment - Sheriff's Department (Federal Forfeiture and N.C. Substance <br /> Control Tax) <br /> 3. Budget Amendment - Sheriff's Department (Local Law Enforcement Block Grant) <br /> 4. Sheriff Department Uniform Bid/Purchase - Award Bid ($48,174.50) to American <br /> Uniform Sales, Inc. for FY 1999-2000 and Authorize Renewal of Contract for One <br /> Year at an Increase of No More Than Three Percent <br /> 5. Budget Amendment - Library <br /> 6. Budget Amendment - Information Services <br /> 7. Budget Amendment - Emergency Management (Duke Energy Funds) <br /> 8. Elderly and Disabled Transportation Assistance Program (EDTAP) and Work First Grant <br /> Application Resolution <br /> 9. Budget Amendment - Planning Services (Purchase of Wheelchair Lift Van through the <br /> N. C. Department of Transportation Grant Program) <br />10. Proposed Lease Agreement with the State of North Carolina for 39.60 Acres for a Soccer <br /> Complex <br />11. Request to the State of North Carolina to Exercise Cabarms County's Option to Extend <br /> the Frank Liske Park Lease <br />12. Amended Service Agreements for Turfing Improvements and Mowing for County- <br /> Owned Properties Pursuant to the Maintenance and Repair Agreement Approved on <br /> July 12, 1999 <br /> 13. Road Petition - Addition of Deer Drive Extension to the State Road System <br />14. Business Personal Property Audit Services Contract (Contract #99-71-013) with Tax <br /> Management Associates, Inc. <br />15. Approval nunc pro tunc of Proclamation Designating August 13, 1999 as Tuscarora <br /> Nation Day in Cabarrus County <br />16. Proclamation - AMC Concord Mills 24 Theatres Day in Cabarrus County (September <br /> 17, 1999) <br />17. Proclamation - First Citizens Big Sweep Day in Cabarrus County (September 18, 1999) <br />18. Resolution Concerning Adoption of Selected Alternative to the Cabarrus County and <br /> Water and Sewer Authority's 201 Facilities Plan- Adams Creek Interceptor Project <br />19. Department of Aging - Weatherization Sub-Contract with the Salisbury-Rowan <br /> Community Service Council <br />20. Reclassification of Nutrition Site Supervisor Position at Kannapolis Lunch Plus Club <br /> Site - Department of Aging <br />21. Addition of Part-Time Office Assistant for the Department of Aging (HCCBG Funded <br /> Position) <br />22. Support for Grant Proposal to the North Carolina Clean Water Management Trust Fund <br /> for Restoration of Mussels and Snails to Streams in the Piedmont Region, Including <br /> Cabarms County <br />23. Removal and Replacement of Potentially Hazardous Trees along the Sheriff's <br /> Department Parking Lots and Adoption of Related Budget Amendment <br /> <br /> NEW BUSINESS <br /> <br />1. Stanley Works Distribution Center- Community Development Block Grant Close- <br /> Out Public Heating - 6:30 P.M. <br /> <br /> <br />