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D. OLD BUSINESS <br /> 1. School Construction Process <br /> <br />E. CONSENT AGENDA <br /> <br />(Items listed under Consent are generally of a routine nature. The Board may take action <br />to approve/disapprove all items in a single vote. Any item may be withheM from a general <br />action, to be discussed and voted upon separately at the discretion of the Board.,) <br /> <br /> 1. Approval of Bond for the Register of Deeds Effective September 24, 1999 <br /> 2. Correction of Minutes of June 21, 1999 to Show Corrections to the FY 2000 Budget <br /> Ordinance <br /> 3. Joint Application with Concord and Kannapolis for U.S. Environmental Protection <br /> Agency Sustainable Development Challenge Grant <br /> 4. Social Services - Budget Amendment (Smart Start Funds) <br /> 5. Work First Program Plan Amendment <br /> 6. Authorization to Apply for an Employment and Training Grant for Food Stamp <br /> Recipients <br /> 7. Professional Service Agreement with Woolpert LLP for Phase One Development of the <br /> North Cabarms Park <br /> 8. Business Personal Property Audit Services Contract with Tax Management Associates, <br /> Inc. <br /> 9. Parks and Recreation - Budget Amendment (Mt. Pleasant Middle School/Park Site) <br />10 Parks and Recreation - Budget Amendment (Rocky River School/Park Project) <br />11. Soil and Water Conservation - Budget Amendment <br />12. Year 2000 Readiness Update and Approval of Two Related Budget Amendments <br />13. Transfer of County's Interest in Property Located off Church Street to the City of <br /> Concord for the Development of a Low-Moderate Income Subdivision Using HOME <br /> Program Funds <br />14. Planning Services - Budget Amendment to Establish Funding for the 1999-2000 County <br /> HOME Program <br /> <br />NEW BUSINESS <br /> <br />1. Food Service Contract - Jail Operation <br />2. Financing Support for the NorthEast Fire District Station Replacement <br />3. Parks and Recreation Matching Grant Requests for FY 1999-2000 <br />4. County Parking Lots - Public/Employee Policies (Discussion/Action) <br />5. Revised Rules of Procedure for the Board of Commissioners <br />6. Discussion/Consideration of Property Purchase - Vice Chairman Fennel <br /> <br /> <br />