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2. Budget Amendment - State Public School Funds (Reroofing of A. L. Brown <br /> Gynmasium) <br />3. Proclamation - Hurricane Floyd Relief Day (October 23, 1999) <br /> 4. Proclamation - Pornography Awareness Week (October 31 - November 7, 1999) <br /> 5. Contract with Logan Systems, Inc. for Indexing and Recording Services <br />6. Pumhase of Tabulators for Board of Elections and Adoption of Related Budget <br /> Amendment <br /> 7. Budget Amendment - Vehicle Maintenance Building (Carry Forward Funds) <br /> 8. Budget Amendment - Computer Project (Carry Forward Funds) <br />9. Budget Amendment - Rowan-Cabarrus Community College Technical Building (Carry <br /> Forward Funds) <br />10. Budget Amendment - Harrisburg School (Carry Forward Funds) <br />11. Budget Amendment - Finance (Corrections to Budget) <br />12. Budget Amendment - Courthouse Renovations (Carry Forward Funds) <br />13. Budget Amendment - Finance (Corrections to Budget) <br />14. Award of Bid ($239,916) to Cloninger Ford, Inc. for Purchase of Sheriff's Department <br /> Police Intemeptor Vehicles (12) <br />15. Award of Bid ($89,978) to Volvo and GMC Truck Center to Purchase Roll-OffChassis <br /> and Hoist (Truck) for Solid Waste Management <br />16. Resolutions Honoring Two Cabarms County Schools Receiving the Designation as a <br /> "School of Excellence" <br />17. Resolution Allowing Piedmont Area MH/MR/SA Authority to Acquire Title to Real <br /> Property <br />18. Approval of Land Use Agreement between the Harrisburg Youth Association, Cabarrus <br /> County and the Cabarrus County Board of Education for Harrisburg School/Park <br /> <br />NEW BUSINESS <br /> <br />1. Resolution in Support of Southeastern Packaging Company to Expand its Manufacturing <br /> Facility - Maurice Ewing, President, Cabarrus Economic Development <br />2. Request for $150,000 in Financial Support for the "Partnership for Tomorrow" <br /> Initiative Sponsored by the Cabarrus Regional Chamber of Commerce - Alex <br /> Rankin <br />3. Appeal of the Planning and Zoning Commission's Denial of Petition C99-06(S) - <br /> Request for Preliminary Plat Approval of the Booe/Untz Development <br />4. Proposal to Address Grounds Maintenance, Office Space Needs and Parks and <br /> Recreation Department Mission - John Day, Deputy County Manager <br />5. Resolution Declaring Old UHF Radios as Surplus Property and Authorizing Donation <br /> to the Cabarrus County Schools <br />6. Setting the Dates for a Board Work Session/Retreat <br />7. Action Items Related to the Development of a County Expo Center on Highway 49 East <br /> of Highway 601 <br /> <br /> <br />