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E. OLD BUSINESS <br /> <br />1. Consideration of the October 18~h Request for $150,000 in Financial Support for the <br /> "Parmership for Tomorrow" Initiative Sponsored by the Cabarrus Regional Chamber <br /> of Commerce <br />2. Consideration of the 1999 Biannual Employee Compensation Study Presented at the <br /> Work Session on November 12~h <br /> <br />F. CONSENT AGENDA <br /> <br />(Items listed under Consent are generally of a routine nature. The Board may take action <br />to approve/disapprove all items in a single vote. Any item may be withheld from a general <br />action, to be discussed and voted upon separately at the discretion of the Board.) <br /> <br />~12. <br />,~13. <br /> 14. <br /> 15. <br /> <br />~ 1. Cooperative Extension - Budget Amendment (4-H School Age Care Grant Funds) <br />~2. Cooperative Extension - Budget Amendment (4-H School Age Care Grant Funds) <br />,~ 3. Budget Amendment to Close the Stanley Tools Community Development Block Grant <br /> Project <br />v 4. Budget Amendment to Close the HOME Program Project for FY 1998-99 <br />5. Resolution Authorizing the Transfer of Surplus Chairs to the City of Concord Parks and <br /> Recreation Department <br />6. Resolution Establishing Filing Fees for Candidates for County Commissioners and Register <br /> of Deeds <br />7. Road Petition - Addition of Graybark Road, Snowcrest Drive, Crossroads Place and <br /> Porter's Court to the State Road System <br /> Soil and Water Conservation District - Budget Amendment (Miscellaneous Revenue) <br /> Establish Rate of Pay ($10.39/Hour) for Jury Commission Members <br /> Budget Amendment - Agreement with H. R. Gray & Associates for School Construction <br /> Evaluation Assistance <br />11. Award of Annual Contract for Office Supplies to Office Supply Services (51.5% Off <br /> Manufacturers' List Prices) <br /> Budget Amendments (2) - Relocation of Parks and Recreation Department <br /> Budget Amendment - Coordination of Senior Games by Cannon Memorial YMCA <br /> Budget Amendment - Employment of Telecommunications Consultant RSM McGladrey <br /> Approval of Operational Agreement between the USDA-Natural Resources Conservation <br /> Service, DENR-Division of Soil & Water Conservation, the Cabarrus Soil and Water <br /> Conservation District and Cabarms County <br />16. Award of Contract ($174,680) to H & L Paving, Inc. for Renovation of Tennis Courts at <br /> Mount Pleasant Middle and Central Cabarms High School/Park Sites <br />17. Award of $7,000 Matching Incentive Grant Funds for Improvements on Community <br /> Athletic Fields at the Mt. Pleasant Middle School Park Site <br />18. Authorization to Raise the Fixed Asset Accounting Limit to $2,500 <br />19. Addition of the Mills Out-Parcel to the Concord Mills Project Incentive Grant as Awarded <br /> <br /> <br />