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8. Appointments - Firemen's Relief Fund Trustees (14) <br />9. Authorization to Execute the Deed Transferring 25+_ Acres at Lake Concord to the <br /> Kannapolis City Board of Education <br />10. Resolution Granting Relief from Collecting Delinquent Taxes on Classified Motor <br /> Vehicles <br />11. Resolution Authorizing County Purchasing Agent to Dispose of Two 1991 Ford <br /> Responder Type III Ambulances for Emergency Services <br /> <br />1. Presentation of Cabarms County's Mission Statement <br />2. Bid Award of the Northwest Cabarrus Softball Field Lighting Project <br />3. Appointment - Board of Equalization and Review (1) <br />4. Appointment - Board of Health (1) <br />5. An Ord'mance Temporarily Suspending the Issuance of Zoning Permits for Cellular and <br /> PCS Telephone Communication Towers - Public Hearing - 7:00 P.M. <br />6. Consideration of Draft Legislation Related to Cabarrus Revenue Options for Schools <br /> as Discussed by the Alternative Revenues Task Force <br />7. Consideration of Resolution Supporting the Repeal of Authority to Tax Intangible <br /> Personal Property <br /> <br />INFORMAL PUBLIC COMMENTS <br /> <br />1. Commissioner Liaison Appointments for 1997 <br />2. Local Sales and Use Tax ' <br /> <br /> <br />