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6. Resolution Authorizing the Cabarrus County Board of Education to Have an Equal <br /> Compensation Package as the Kannapolis City Board of Education <br />7. Resolution Supporting the Excellent Schools Act <br />8. Resolution Supporting the Smart Start Application for Cabarrus County <br />9. Public Health - Budget Amendment (Family Planning Grant) <br />10. Public Health - Budget Amendment (Communicable Disease/TB Control Grant) <br />11. Public Health - Budget Amendments (2) <br /> A. Refund for the Return of Flu Vaccine <br /> B. Contribution from Mt. Pleasant Lioness Club for Donation to Baby Bucks Program <br />12. Public Health - Approval of Budget Amendment and Establishment of Two Public <br /> Health Nurse I and One Part-Time Social Worker I Positions Using Maternal Care <br /> Coordination Grant Funds <br />13. Social Services - Budget Amendment (Purchase of Modular Office Equipment for the <br /> Social Services and Health Department Sections of the Planned Human Services <br /> Facility) <br /> 14. Social Services - Budget Amendment (Low Income Energy Assistance Program) <br />15. Re-Adoption of the Resolution Relating to the Establishment of a Public Health <br /> Authority for Cabarrus County <br />16. Approval of Resolution Authorizing the Disposition of Surplus Property at Public <br /> Auction <br />17. Approval of Amendment to County Policy for Appointment to Boards and Committees <br /> Relative to Time Served as an Alternate Member <br />18. Resolution Approving the Revised Memorandum of Understanding Changing the Lead <br /> Planning Agency of the Cabarms - South Rowan Urban Area Metropolitan Planning <br /> Organization <br />19. Resolution Approving the Request by the Piedmont Area Mental Health, Mental <br /> Retardation and Substance Abuse Authority to Purchase Property to Construct an <br /> Area Administration Office <br />20. Cable Television Rate Review Findings Summary and Approval of 1997 Basic Rate of <br /> $7.50 Per Month Per Subscriber <br /> <br />1. Recognition of Louise B. Settlemyer on Her Retirement from the Kannapolis Branch of <br /> the Charles A. Cannon Memorial Library - Mr. Tom Dillard <br />2. Proposed Issuance of Bonds by the Cabarrus County Industrial Facilities and Pollution <br /> Control Financing Authority for Fun-Tees, Inc., in the Aggregate Principal <br /> Amount of $1,700,000 - Public Hearing - 6:30 P.M. <br />3. County Boundary l.lne Between Cabarrus and Iredell Counties - Mr. Terry Rowland and <br /> Mr. Gary Thompson <br />4. Future Options for the Cabarrus County Landfill - Mr. David N. Goff <br />5. Cellular and PCS Communication Towers - Second Public Hearing - 7:00 P.M. <br />6. Zoning Atlas Amendment (Petition 97-05) - Public Hearing - 7:00 P.M. <br /> <br /> <br />