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5. Approval of Statement for the Submission of an Elderly and Disabled Transportation <br /> Assistance Program Grant Application <br />6. Budget Amendment - Public School Building Capital Fund (Cyber Campus RenOvation <br /> at Pu L. Brown High School from State Money) <br />7. Budget Amendment - General Services (Projects Began in FY 1996-97) <br />8. Notice-of Temfination for Lease Agreement with the Cabarms County AgriCultural Fair, <br /> Inc. <br />9. Establishment of a-Traveler's ImmunizatiOn Clinic and Adoption of Associated Fee <br /> Schedule <br />10. Resolution Assigning and Directing the Tax Collector to Use All Legal Means to Collect <br /> All Current and Delinquent Tax as Provided for in North Carolina General Statutes 105- <br /> 366, 367 and 368 <br />11. Request by Raymond Potter for a Noise Permit for July 26, 1997 <br />12. Approval of. Weatherization Contract/Addendum with Salisbury-Rowan Community <br /> Service Council and Adoption of Budget Amendment <br />13. Department of Social Services - Budget Amendment Request for the Purchase of <br /> Computer Equipment at 75% Federal and 25% County Funding <br /> <br /> 1. Recognition of Melba B. Clement, Sarah M. Choice and Ernest J. Jones, Jr., on their <br /> Retirement from the Department of Social Services <br />2. Presentation of the 1997 National Association of Counties Achievement Award to <br /> Emergency Medical Services for its "Unique EMS Vision Proves Successful" Program <br /> and Adoption of Resolution Recognizing Fieldcrest Cannon for its Participation in the <br /> Joint Venture Establishing a Kannapolis EMS Station <br />3. Presentation of the 1997 National Association of Counties Achievement Award to the <br /> Department of Aging for its Weatherization/Housing and Home Improvement Program <br />4. Presentation of Award of Financial Reporting Achievement to Pamela S. Dubois, <br /> Assistant Finance Director <br />5. Resolution Supporting the Establishment of the KEVIN PUGH OUTSTANDING <br /> OFFICER AWARD PROGRAM - Sheriff Robert Canaday <br />6. Joint Resolution by the County Commissioners for Cabarrus, Rowan, Stanly and Union <br /> Counties to Include Rowan County Within the Piedmont Area Mental Health, <br /> Developmental Disabilities and Substance Abuse Authority <br />7. Consideration of Industrial Incentive Grant Agreements Pursuant to North Carolina <br /> General Statute 158-7.1 - Public Hearing - 7:00 P.M. <br /> A. S & D Coffee, Inc. <br /> B. Dai Nippon IMS (America) Corporation <br /> C. The Stanley Works <br /> D. Corning Incorporated <br /> <br /> <br />