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UNFINISHED BUSINESS <br /> <br />1. Rezoning Petition 97-17 by Celeste B. Montgomery to Rezone Property on Highway 73 <br /> East from Medium Density Residential to Low Density Residential - Special Use <br />2. Advisory Homestead Exemption Referendum Resolution <br /> <br />CONSENT AGENDA <br /> <br /> 1. Road Petition - Addition of McCoy Street to State Road System <br /> 2. Road Petition - Abandonment of a Portion of Edgefield Road from the State Road <br /> System <br /> 3. Adoption of Ordinance Extending the Residential Solid Waste Franchise Ordinance <br /> Through January 31, 1998 - Second Reading <br /> 4. Approval of the Urgent Repair Program Agreement between the North Carolina <br /> Housing Finance Agency and the Cabarrus County Department of Aging <br /> 5. Resolution for the Centralina Council of Governments (COG) to Receive State Funds <br /> 6. Authorization to Award Service Weapons to Retiring Officers <br /> 7. Amendment of Contracts with Health Alliance to Include Provision of Administrative <br /> Services by Cabarrus County for Home Health and Supervision of Home Health by <br /> the Health Alliance and Adoption of Related Budget Amendment <br /> 8. Resolution Authorizing the Filing of an Application for Approval of a Financing <br /> Agreement Authorized by North Carolina General Statute 160A-20 <br /> 9. Resolution Authorizing the County Purchasing Agent to Dispose of Printing Equipment <br />10. Budget Amendment ~ Sheriff's Department (Completion of Automated Fingerprint <br /> Identification System) <br />11. Approval of the Community Based Alternatives Restitution Program Agreement and <br /> Adoption of Related Budget Amendment <br />12. Approval of the North Carolina Parks and Recreation Trust Fund Grant Application for <br /> W. W. Flowe Park and Authorization for the Chairman to Sign all Necessary Grant <br /> Forms <br />13. Resolution Authorizing the County Manager to Award Contracts and Other Related <br /> Issues as Set Forth in General Statute 143o129(a) <br />14. Resolution Relating to the Disposal of Surplus Property <br />15. Resolution to Establish the Cabarrus County Department of Aging Trust Fund <br />16. Approval of Agreement with Cardmaster America for Credit Card Usage for Payment <br /> of Services <br />17. Approval of Contract for Personnel/Finance Software with Computer Center Software <br /> and Authorization for the County Manager to Sign Contract <br />18. Approval of Sediment and Erosion Control Program Free Schedule <br />19. Authorization to Delay Implementation of Individual Sediment and Erosion Control <br /> Measures Until March 1, 1998 <br />20. Authorization for the Outsourcing of the Printing of Tax Bills <br /> <br /> <br />