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MICROFILM <br /> <br /> RECORDS <br /> CERTIFICATION <br /> <br /> I, the u~dersigned, an employee of t~,qB/IRR~J.~ d'Ou.~'i'Y , <br /> dO hereby certify that the microfilm images on this.reel of micrOfilm <br /> (Reel No. /q~' 5' ) are complete and. accurate reproductiOnS of the <br /> <br /> original records of ~U,UTY Pl/t~t~g .. as accumulated <br /> <br /> during the regular course of business, and that it is the established <br /> policy and practice Of this company to microfilm its records for per- <br />.,-. manent file and to dispose of the original recOrds ~ifter microfilm repro- <br /> ductions h'ave been made and assignee to the company files. <br /> <br /> Name <br /> Title Date <br /> <br /> <br />