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May 27, 2008 (Recessed Meeting) Page 845 <br />Nextel - Rebanding Project - Surplus of 134 Mobile/Portable Nonfunctioning <br />Radios and Trade-in of Surpluaed Radios <br />Captain Phil Patterson presented a request to surplus 134 <br />mobile/portable radios to Nextel that no longer function on any public-safety <br />network in the United States as a result of the FCC's (Federal Communications <br />Commission) re-banding. initiative. To address this issue, he said Nextel <br />will provide the County with replacement analog radios. Since the County <br />plans to switch to digital in 2013, he proposed to upgrade the replacement <br />radios to a digital model. He reviewed the cost of the replacement radios <br />and reported additional funding is not required. To facilitate the radio <br />system upgrade as a whole, he reported that digital radios will also be <br />purchased for the fire departments and the County will be reimbursed by the <br />fire departments. Finally, he reported Concord will facilitate the purchase <br />and transfer of the new equipment through an Interagency Agreement. He also <br />responded to several questions from the Board. <br />UPON MOTION of Commissioner Carruth, seconded by Vice Chairman Juba and <br />unanimously carried, the Board took the following action: (1) Surplused 134 <br />mobile/portable radios; (2) Authorized the trade-in of surplus <br />mobile/portable radios to Nextel for exchange for new compatible radios with <br />supplemental funds; (3) Authorized the County to facilitate the radio <br />exchange for several fire departments which will reimburse the County for the <br />portion of the costs of replacement radios; and (9) Authorized the County <br />Manager to execute the Interagency Agreement between Cabarrus County and the <br />City of Concord, subject to attorney review. <br />Cabarrus &conomic Development Corporation - Report <br />John Cox, with the Cabarrus Economic Development Corporation (EDC), <br />presented information on the "return on investment" (amount of capital <br />investment generated and number of jobs created) as a result of the County's <br />annual investment of $938,000 from 2005 - 2007 for the following companies: <br />JHE, Stanley Tools, Oiless America and DNP. He -also referenced a recent <br />article in the Charlotte Business Journal related to ACN. He also responded <br />to several questions from the Board throughout the presentation. A general <br />discussion on incentives ensued. <br />Non-Departmental General Fund Programs <br />Loretta Lee, Budget and Performance Manager, pointed out that <br />information related to non-departmental expenses such as salary adjustments, <br />other benefits, consultants, insurance service and settlement, unemployment <br />compensation, contingency, and Adequate Public Facilities Reimbursement can <br />be found on page 277 Of the budget manual. <br />Fire Districts <br />Loretta Lee, Budget and Performance Manager, briefly reviewed the <br />revenue neutral tax rates and proposed tax rates for the fire districts. She <br />reported the Northeast Fire District was the only district to request a <br />change to their tax rate - a decrease from six cents to five cents. On a <br />separate note, County staff responded to questions from the Board related to <br />the Arena funding. <br />Review of Modified Five-Year Plan <br />Pam Dubois, Deputy County Manager, reviewed a modified Five- <br />Year Plan that swapped the funding for construction of two middle schools <br />(Northwest and Southwest) and start up funds ($1 million each) with the <br />Detention Center and new personnel costs. The revised plan had the following <br />effect on the property tax rate: 2009 - 61 cents; 2010 - 67 cents; 2011 - 73 <br />cents; 2012 - 77 cents; and 2013 - 77 cents. However, the modified plan did <br />not affect the cash payment for the Burr and Boger additions. County staff <br />responded to numerous questions from the Board and the merits of the modified <br />plan were generally discussed. <br />Approval of the Minutes - March 13, 2008 (Reaeesed Meeting) <br />Kay Honeycutt, Clerk to the Board, reported the March 13, 2008 minutes <br />that were approved on May 19, 2008 were a draft set of minutes instead of the <br />final version. She asked the Board to approve the final version of the <br />meeting minutes. <br />