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October 1, 2018 (Work Session) <br />Page 3705 <br />• Members Served and Expense Amounts - Facility Based Crisis and Mobile <br />Crisis Management Services <br />• Provider Information <br />• Access Call Center <br />• Analysis <br />• Mandated Service Categories Effective 7/1/2013 <br />• Mandated Entity Types Effective 11/1/2017 <br />A discussion ensued. During discussion, Mr. Thornburg responded to <br />questions from the Board. <br />Chairman Morris announced the next episode of Out and About will feature <br />discussion regarding topics addressed in the aforementioned services. <br />Discussion Items for Action at October 15, 2018 Meeting <br />BOC - NCACC Solicitation of County Legislative Goals <br />Mike Downs, County Manager, reported the 2018-19 proposed list of <br />legislative goals, to submit to the North Carolina Association of County <br />Commissioners (NCACC) has been completed and is ready for approval. He reviewed <br />updates to the list and stated the deadline for submission to the NCACC is <br />October 5, 2018. <br />UPON MOTION of Vice Chairman Honeycutt, seconded by Commissioner Kiger <br />and unanimously carried, the Board suspended its Rules of Procedure in order to <br />take action on this item due to time constraints. <br />UPON MOTION of Commissioner Shue, seconded by Commissioner Kiger and <br />unanimously carried, the Board approved the 2018-19 proposed legislative goals <br />for submission to the North Carolina Association of County Commissioners. <br />The Cabarrus County Board of Commissioners' 2018-2019 Legislative Goals <br />are as follows: <br />Cabarrus County Board of Commissioners <br />2018-2019 Legislative Goals <br />Ilnf,—Hl Hl M—Hr t— <br />Request Federal and State Legislatures to avoid passing any legislation <br />that results in unfunded mandates for local governments. <br />A. Provide additional funding for Human Services, Public Schools, and <br />Jails to meet the current needs of the county. <br />B. Maintain or increase current levels of Medicaid Funding. <br />Local Option Revenues <br />1. Provide additional opportunities for local option revenues. <br />A. Flexibility in sales tax revenues. <br />B. Support counties efforts to increase local revenues. When appropriate <br />allow requests to move forward pending local voter approval. <br />C. Authorize all local option revenue sources that have previously been <br />given to other counties. <br />D. Require state administrative offices to provide sales tax information <br />when requested by counties for budgeting purposes. <br />E. Reinstate sales tax exemption for school systems. <br />Collective Bargaining <br />1. Oppose collective bargaining for all state and local government employees. <br />Schools <br />1. Oppose any shift of charter school capital funding to counties. <br />2. Support the adjustment of local contributions to match the services that <br />charter schools are required to provide. <br />3. Return proceeds from the North Carolina Education Lottery Funds to their <br />original 40% of the total proceeds going to counties for school capital <br />needs. <br />4. Reinstate full funding for school growth based Average Daily Membership. <br />(ADM) <br />Human Services <br />1. Revise and make appropriate adjustments to County MOU requirements in the <br />performance measures required by HB630. The DSS performance measures <br />should match federal requirements; concessions should be made for <br />extenuating circumstances beyond a DSS.' control related to court system, <br />