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Reception <br /> 5:30p. m. - 6:30p. m. <br />Governmental Center Lobby <br /> <br /> CABARRUS COUNTY <br /> BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS <br /> <br /> ORGANIZATIONAL MEETING <br /> <br /> DECEMBER 4, 2000 <br /> <br /> 6:30 P.M. <br /> <br /> CALL TO ORDER BY THE CHAIRMAN <br /> <br /> PRESENTATION OF COLORS <br /> BOY SCOUT TROOP 5 <br />COLD SPRINGS UNITED METHODIST CHURCH <br /> <br /> INVOCATION <br /> REVEREND DAVID CHRISTY <br /> EPWORTH UNITED METHODIST CHURCH <br /> <br />A. APPROVAL OR CORRECTION OF MINTUES <br /> <br />Minutes of November 20, 2000 (Regular Meeting) <br />Approve Minutes of Closed Sessions (December 1990-November 2000) and Delegate <br /> Authority to the County Manager and/or County Attorney to Unseal Closed Session <br /> Minutes Pursuant to North Carolina General Statute 143-318.10(e) <br /> <br />B. OLD BUSINESS <br /> <br />Resignation of Commissioner Jeff Barn hart- Commissioner Barnhart <br />Appointment of Robert M. Freeman as County Commissioner as Recommended by the <br /> Executive Board of the Cabarms County Republican Party <br /> <br />C. RECOGNITION CEREMONY <br /> <br />Recognition of Jeff Bamhart, Carolyn Carpenter and Sue Casper for their Service to <br />Cabarrus County <br /> <br />D. ADMINISTRATION OF OATH OF OFFICE <br /> <br />The Honorable William G. Hamby, Jr. <br />Chief District Court Judge Officiating <br /> <br /> <br />