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March 7, 2008 (Board Retreat) <br />Page 727 <br />The Board of Commissioners for the County of Cabarrus held a Board <br />retreat in the Multipurpose Room at the Cabarrus County Governmental Center <br />in Concord, North Carolina on Friday, March 7, 2008, at 10:00 a.m. <br />Present - Chairman: H. Jay White, Sr. <br />Vice Chairman: Joni D. Juba <br />Commissioners: Robert W. Carruth <br />Grace M. Mynatt <br />Coy C. Privette <br />Also present were John D. Day, County Manager; Mike Downs, Deputy <br />County Manager; Pam Dubois, Deputy County Manager and Kay Honeycutt, Clerk to <br />the Board. <br />Chairman White called the meeting to order at 10:16 a.m. <br />Mission, Vision and Core Values <br />John D. Day, County Manager, reviewed the Mission, Vision and Core <br />Values developed by the Board at its 2007 retreat. <br />Purpose and Goals <br />Note: In preparation for the retreat, Mr. Day asked the Board to submit <br />items they would like to see addressed. <br />Next, Mr. Day reported each Commissioner previously submitted a number of <br />issues or concerns which were categorized into five themes for which goals <br />were developed. He explained the goals are how the Board will achieve the <br />themes for the coming year. He then read and reviewed the following goals: <br />• Goal 1 - Preserve and enhance quality of life by addressing growth with <br />sound public policies that sustain resources, provide high quality <br />services and fund infrastructure needs. <br />• Goal 2 - Achieve community-wide preparedness to protect public safety, <br />respond to routine and catastrophic events, and maintain and restore <br />the well-being of all. <br />• Goal 3 - Use resources wisely and responsibly by protecting assets, <br />minimizing risk, creating partnerships and using technology to maximize <br />the value of county investments, expenditures and services. <br />• Goal 4 - A fully engaged community with a shared understanding of its <br />issues and challenges and working together to achieve its goals. <br />• Goal 5 - Ensure that all citizens have equal opportunity and access to <br />education, health care, and economic prosperity and encourage citizens <br />to fulfill their potential and contribute to their community. <br />He said for each goal, specific outcomes will be developed that are <br />measurable and form the strategy that will be used to realize the vision <br />statement. He further explained that every initiative county staff will <br />pursue will be based on specific outcomes at the following levels: 1-year, 2 <br />years, and 3 - 5 years. <br />Mr. Day responded to a variety of questions and a general discussion <br />ensued. <br />Core Values - Development of Definitions <br />Mr. Day asked the Board to divide into teams and develop definitions <br />for the following four core values using statements previously provided by <br />the Board: accountable, responsible, respect and integrity. <br />After a short break, the definitions were presented by each group's <br />spokesperson and refined. The definitions are as follows: <br />• Accountable and Responsible - Our decisions will be based on facts and <br />a full understanding of the matters before us, including the <br />implications for individuals, businesses and the community as a whole. <br />• Collaboration - As individuals, we will engage each other during the <br />decision making process. Collectively, we will cooperatively engage <br />other governing bodies, the community and stakeholders in the decisions <br />that affect the county's citizens through opportunities to participate <br />with input, education and feedback. <br />• Integrity (principled) - We understand and accept our duty to do the <br />