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April 7, 2008 (Work Session) <br />The Board of Commissioners for the County of Cabarrus <br />Work Session Meeting in the Multipurpose Room at the <br />Governmental Center in Concord, North Carolina on Monday, <br />3:30 p.m. <br />Present - Chairman: H. Jay White, Sr. <br />Vice Chairman: Joni D. Juba <br />Commissioners: Robert W. Carruth <br />Grace M. Mynatt <br />Coy C. Privette <br />Page 770 <br />met for an Agenda <br />Cabarrus County <br />April 7, 2008, at <br />Also present were John Day, County Manager; Richard M. Koch, County <br />Attorney; Mike Downs, Deputy County Manager; Kay Honeycutt, Clerk to the <br />Board and Lori Hinson, Deputy Clerk to the Board. <br />Call to Order <br />At 3:43 p.m., Chairman White called the meeting to order. He announced <br />that he and Vice Chairman Juba along with County staff had just returned from <br />touring the new Law Enforcement Center. <br />Resolution in Support of Stanly County Opposing the Federal Energy Regulatory <br />Commission's (FERC) Application for License to Control Waters of the Yadkin <br />River <br />Stanly County Commissioners Lindsay Dunevant and Dr. Nalin Mehta asked <br />the Cabarrus County Board of Commissioners to support a resolution requesting <br />the Governor of North Carolina intervene in and oppose the application to the <br />Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) by Alcoa for a fifty year license <br />to control the watersof the Yadkin River and to thank the Governor for his <br />request for a one-year delay in the relicensing process. Mr. Dunevant <br />provided background information on the license issued by FERC in 1958 and the <br />management and control of the Yadkin River. In addition, both Stanly County <br />Commissioners responded to questions from the Board pertaining to: adoption <br />of the resolution in a timely manner; Alcoa is no longer operating a sizeable <br />business in Stanly County; clean-up of environmental issues; upgrading the <br />hydroelectric plant; compensation; etc. <br />Chairman White stated in order for the Board to vote on items of <br />business at an Agenda Work Session, suspension of the Board's Rules of <br />Procedures is required. <br />UPON MOTION of Commissioner Carruth, seconded by Vice Chairman Juba and <br />unanimously carried, the Board suspended its Rules of Procedure in order to <br />vote on the resolution. <br />UPON MOTION of Commissioner Privette, seconded by Commissioner Carruth <br />and unanimously carried, the Board adopted the following resolution: <br />Resolution No. 2008-06 <br />RESOLUTION REQUESTING THE GOVERNOR OF NORTH CAROLINA <br />INTERVENE IN AND OPPOSE THE APPLICATION TO THE FEDERAL ENERGY REGULATORY <br />COMMISSION BY ALCOA FOR A FIFTY YEAR LICENSE TO CONTROL THE WATERS OF THE <br />YADKIN RIVER AND ITS LAKES AND TRIBUTARIES <br />WHEREAS, Cabarrus County is located within the Yadkin-Pee Dee Watershed; and <br />WHEREAS, the citizens of Cabarrus County depend on the availability of <br />potable water from the Yadkin River; and <br />WHEREAS, the entire State of North Carolina is currently in the midst of an <br />ongoing extreme drought and this drought has detrimentally affected the <br />citizens of Cabarrus County; and <br />WHEREAS, the multi-national corporation, Aluminum Company of America <br />("Alcoa") currently holds a Federal Energy Regulatory Commission ("FERC") <br />license which gives it near total control over the waters of the Yadkin River <br />and its lakes and tributaries for the sole purpose of generating profits for <br />itself in excess of $90 Million Dollars per year; and <br />WHEREAS, the current license held by Alcoa is set to expire in April of 2008 <br />and Alcoa is currently applying to FERC to grant it another license which <br />would give it control over the Yadkin River and its lakes and tributaries for <br />the next 50 years; and <br />