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May 5, 2008 (Work Session) <br />Page 813 <br />The Board of Commissioners for the County of Cabarrus met for an Agenda <br />Work Session Meeting in the Multipurpose Room at the Cabarrus County <br />Governmental Center in Concord, North Carolina on Monday, May 5, 2008, at <br />3:30 p.m. <br />Present - Chairman: H. Jay White, Sr. <br />Vice Chairman: Joni D. Juba <br />Commissioners: Grace M. Mynatt <br />Coy C. Privette <br />Also present were <br />Attorney; Mike Downs, <br />Manager; Kay Honeycutt, <br />the Board. <br />Call to Order <br />John Day, County Manager; Richard M. Koch, County <br />Deputy County Manager; Pam Dubois, Deputy County <br />Clerk to the Board and Lori Hinson, Deputy Clerk to <br />Chairman White called the meeting to order at 3:38 p.m. <br />Note: Commissioner Carruth arrived at 3:91 p.m. and was present for <br />the remainder of the meeting. <br />William Black - Presentation of Senior Project on Juvenile Crime Prevention <br />William Black, a senior at Concord High School, presented information <br />related to juvenile crime prevention to fulfill his senior graduation <br />project. Following the conclusion of his presentation, Mr. Black responded <br />to questions from the Board. <br />Cabarrus Adult Care and Nursing Home Community Advisory Committee - <br />Presentation of 2007 Annual Report <br />Karen Pensgen presented the Nursing Home Community Advisory Committee <br />and Adult Care Home Community Advisory Committee 2007 Annual Report. Andrea <br />King and Barbara Blackmore, also Adult Care Home Committee members, were also <br />present. The report included the following information: committee <br />membership, committee activities and accomplishments, challenges and needs, <br />goals for 2008, an invitation to attend a facility visit and committee <br />support. Ms. Pensgen stressed the need for new members and encouraged Board <br />members to attend an upcoming facility visit. She also responded to <br />questions from the Board related to committee membership requirements. <br />Commissioner Carruth asked Ms. Pensgen to notify the Clerk of future <br />facility visits. <br />Hickory Ridge Middle School S Harrisburg YMCA <br />John Day, County Manager, provided an update related to a possible co- <br />location between the Hickory Ridge Middle School and the Harrisburg YMCA. He <br />reported: (1) the Board of Education discussed and supported the concept of <br />donating land to the YMCA in exchange for use of the pool by students some <br />time ago; (2) a second meeting was held with representatives from the Board <br />of Education, Cabarrus County and the Harrisburg YMCA in attendance; and (3) <br />he recently received notification from the Harrisburg YMCA that they are <br />interested in pursuing the concept. <br />Holly Blackwelder, Chairman of the Cabarrus County Board of Education <br />(BOE), announced the BOE has not formally discussed the concept although <br />there is a great need for pool use and she fully supports the property <br />exchange. She also responded to questions related to swim meets. <br />Mr. Day pointed out the County contributed $1 million to the <br />construction of the last YMCA so that students would be allowed to use the <br />pool. <br />Intent Related to the <br />Scott Milligan, with Turner Construction Company, asked for a letter of <br />good faith for the construction for the Jail Housing Unit until a decision is <br />reached by the North Carolina Supreme Court. He reported bids for the <br />Housing Unit that were obtained in January have been held for as much as five <br />months and he would like to reassure the contractors and subcontractors that <br />the project will move forward as soon as it can. <br />