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July 17, 2018 (Regular Meeting) Page 3626 <br />The ]Board of Commissioners for the County of Cabarrus met in regular <br />session in the Commissioners' Meeting Room at the Cabarrus County Governmental <br />Center in Concord, North Carolina at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, July 17, 2018. <br />Present - Chairman: Stephen M. Morris <br />Vice Chairman: Diane R. Honeycutt <br />Commissioners: F. Blake Kiger <br />Elizabeth F. Poole <br />Lynn W. Shue <br />Also present were Mike Downs, County Manager; Catherine Barr, County <br />Attorney; Jonathan Marshall, Deputy County Manager; Kyle Bilafer, Area Manager <br />of Operations; Lauren Linker, Clerk to the Board; and Angela Poplin, Deputy <br />Clerk to the Board. <br />Commissioner Poole left the meeting at 6:53 p.m. and was absent for the <br />remainder of the meeting. <br />Chairman Morris called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. <br />Chairman Morris led the Pledge of Allegiance. <br />Reverend Carol Carkin from Central United Methodist Church delivered the <br />invocation. <br />Chairman Morris welcomed the new Clerk to the Board, Lauren Linker. <br />(A) APPROVAL OR CORRECTION OF MINUTES <br />UPON MOTION of Vice Chairman Honeycutt, seconded by Commissioner Shue and <br />unanimously carried, the Board approved the minutes of April 23, 2018 (Joint <br />Meeting) and May 7, 2018 (work Session) as presented. <br />(B) APPROVAL OF THE AGENDA <br />Chairman Morris reviewed the following changes to the agenda. <br />Additions: <br />Closed Session <br />L-1 Closed Session - Pending Litigation and Economic Development <br />Revised: <br />Appointments to Boards and Committees <br />H-4 Appointments (Removals) - Library Board of Trustees <br />UPON MOTION of Commissioner Shue, seconded by Vice Chairman Honeycutt and <br />unanimously carried, the Board approved the agenda as amended. <br />(C) RECOGNITIONS AND PRESENTATIONS <br />(C-1) EMS - Mission Lifeline Gold Plus Recognition <br />Justin Brines, EMS Assistant Director, announced on May 30, 2018 the <br />Cabarrus County EMS system received the American Heart Association's 2018 <br />Mission: Lifeline EMS Gold Plus Award for continually sustaining quality <br />improvement measures for the treatment of patients who experience severe heart <br />attacks. The Cabarrus County EMS System previously received the Gold award in <br />2015, 2016 and 2017 as well as a silver award in 2014. Jimmy Lentz, EMS Director, <br />was also in attendance. <br />Chairman Morris commended the Emergency Medical Services staff for their <br />continued accomplishments. <br />(D) INFORMAL COMMENTS <br />Chairman Morris opened the meeting for Informal Public Comments at 6:36 <br />p.m. He stated each speaker would be limited to three minutes. <br />With there being no one to address the Board, Chairman Morris closed that <br />portion of the meeting. <br />(E) OLD 13USINESS <br />(E-1) EMS - Non -Emergency Franchise Renewal for American Transmed - Second <br />Reading <br />