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August 6, 2018 (Work Session) <br />Page 3645 <br />there be no fees when the deck is first opened in order to compile a study of <br />how the parking deck impacts parking in the city. <br />A discussion ensued. During discussion, Mr. Bilafer and Mike Downs, County <br />Manager, responded to questions from the Board. <br />Infrastructure and Asset Management - Discussion of Remaining Old Mount Pleasant <br />Middle School Parcel <br />Kyle Bilafer, Area Manager of Operations, reported on the anticipated <br />need for parking on the remaining four -acre parcel of the old Mount Pleasant <br />Middle School property currently used for sports. He advised an <br />engineering/driving study may be needed. Feedback was requested from the Board <br />on how to proceed. <br />A lengthy discussion ensued. 'During discussion, Mike Downs, County <br />Manager, Mr. Bilafer and Jonathan Marshall, Deputy County Manager, responded to <br />questions from the Board. Issues addressed included: short-term and long-term <br />options for utilizing the property for parking; potential other uses for the <br />property; etc. <br />Infrastructura and Asset Management - Historic Courthouse Clock Tower Repairs <br />Kyle Bilafer, Area Manager of Operations, presented an update on the <br />Historic Courthouse Clock Tower structural upgrades project. He advised the <br />County will be entering into an agreement with Cabarrus Time Savers for the <br />restoration of the Historic Courthouse Clock and stated the restoration project <br />could take three years to complete. <br />A discussion ensued. During discussion, Mr. Bilafer responded to <br />questions. <br />Discussion Items for Action at August 20, 2018 Meeting <br />CCS - Request to Reaoorooriate FY18 Capital Fundin <br />Susan Fearrington, Finance Director, reported Cabarrus County Schools <br />(CCS) is requesting the CCS portion of the money left over in the operating <br />fund budget for FY18 at the end of June. She stated CCS has two projects to <br />move forward to the new year. <br />Kelly Kluttz, Cabarrus County Schools (CCS), Chief Financial Officer, <br />requested a reappropriation of the June 30, 2016 capital fund balance in the <br />amount of $106,400 to the FY19 Budget. She stated $100,000 will be used for a <br />handrail project at Concord High School and $6,400 for permitting in connection <br />with the purchase of mobile units. <br />CCS - Funds Requested for Evaluation of Beverly Hills Elementary School Site - <br />zo 000 <br />Kelly Kluttz, Cabarrus County Schools (CCS), Chief Financial Officer, <br />read a letter from Cabarrus County Board of Education wherein the school board <br />approved a proposal for Beverly Hills Elementary School. CCS also requested <br />funds in the amount of $20,000 to begin an architect and engineering review and <br />site plan design for a new facility on the current site. Susan Fearrington, <br />Finance Director, was also in attendance. <br />Chairman Morris expressed support for the evaluation and recommended the <br />item be placed on the Consent Agenda at the regular meeting. <br />Finance - Approval of Project Ordinances and Budget Amendment Related to School <br />CIP Funded Projects in the FY19 General Fond Budget <br />Susan Fearrington, Finance Director, requested approval for a budget <br />amendment and project ordinances for Capital Improved Plan (CIP) projects. The <br />funds will cover a portion of the work, which was approved for FY19, for the <br />following projects: West Cabarrus High School Contingency, Hickory Ridge <br />Elementary Construction Owner, Hickory Ridge Elementary Technology <br />Infrastructure, Hickory Ridge Elementary School Contingency, and Performance <br />Learning Center Contingency. Kelly Kluttz, Cabarrus County Schools (CCS), Chief <br />Financial Officer, was also in attendance. <br />KCS - Request to Roappropriate FYIS Capital Funding <br />Susan Fearrington, Finance Director, reported Kannapolis City Schools <br />(KCS) is requesting a reappropriation of the capital funding balance in the <br />