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August 6, 2018 (Work Session) Page 3646 <br />amount of $85,000 to FY19. She stated the funds will be used for improvements <br />to the McKnight Child Development Center. <br />A brief discussion ensued. During discussion, Will Crabtree, Kannapolis <br />City Schools (KCS), Director of Business Operations, responded to questions <br />from the Board. <br />RCCC - Raauest to Reamrooriate FY18 Canital Boddie. Balance <br />Susan Fearrington, Finance Director, reported Rowan-Cabarrus Community <br />College (RCCC) is requesting a reappropriation of the $30,000 balance in capital <br />funding to FY19. She stated RCCC plans to use the funds to purchase a forklift <br />ordered in March, that has not yet been delivered. <br />Finance Construction end Renovation Fund Project Ordinance and Budget <br />Amendment Update <br />Susan Fearrington, Finance Director, stated updates are needed to the <br />Construction and Renovation Fund Project Ordinance and related budget amendments <br />for the following: 1) the completion of the Landfill Convenience Center wall <br />project (this will free up $94,676.13) and 2) an increase of $197,911.04 for <br />the Frank Liske Restroom project. Funds from previously completed projects are <br />available within the fund to cover the restroom project increase. <br />A discussion ensued. During discussion, Kyle Bilafer, Area Manager of <br />Operations, responded to questions. <br />County Manager - Approval of Additional Capital Improvement Projects Identified <br />After the Budget Process <br />Kristin Jones, Budget and Performance Manager; reported after adoption of <br />the budget, additional Capital Improve Projects (CIP) have been requested for <br />implementation in FY19. Those projects include: Frank Liske Park Playground <br />replacement at $100,000; planning and programming of the Emergency Medical <br />Services Headquarters at $50,000; and furniture and equipment purchased for the <br />new Midland Library Branch at $75,000. She advised, should the Board approve <br />funding for the above projects, an unallocated balance of $509,592 would remain <br />in the Capital Reserve Fund. <br />A discussion ensued. During discussion, Kyle Bilafer, Area Manager of <br />Operations, Jonathan Marshall, Deputy County Manager, Mike Downs, County <br />Manager, and Pam Dubois, Senior Deputy County Manager, responded to questions <br />from the Board. <br />County Manager - AT&T/New Cingular Wireless Lease Extension <br />Jonathan Marshall, Deputy County Manager, reported AT&T/New Cingular has <br />proposed a lease extension for their equipment located at and on the Mount <br />Pleasant Communications Tower. Mr. Marshall stated the statutes have changed to <br />allow for a term of up to 25 years. The proposal includes the new lease plus <br />three additional 5 -year terms. Additionally, the extension includes a 10 percent <br />payment escalation at each 5 -year renewal. <br />A brief discussion ensued. During discussion, Mr. Marshall responded to <br />questions from the Board. <br />County Manager - Reappropriation of Funds for Ongoing Project, Grants and <br />Commitments <br />Kristin Jones, Budget and Performance Manager, provided a list of ongoing <br />projects and requested reappropriation of funds from the FY2018 to the FY 2019 <br />budget for those projects; most of which are connected to grants and <br />commitments. She stated others are expected to be submitted in September. <br />DHS - Energy Programs Outreach Plan <br />Diane Gridley, Department of Human Services (DHS), Income Maintenance <br />Administrator, requested approval of the Energy Programs Outreach Plan. She <br />reported the Department of Human Services will continue two assistance programs <br />for FY2019 (as long as funds are available) . The programs are the Crisis <br />Assistance and Low Income Energy Assistance. Ms. Gridley further reported DHS <br />will work with the Communications and Outreach Department to notify the public <br />of the programs. <br />Human Resources - Update to Personnel Ordinance <br />