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NorthCarolina Department of Natural <br /> ReSources &Community DevelOpment <br /> James B. Hunt, Jr., Governor Howard N. Lee, Secretary <br /> <br /> December 30, 1977 <br /> <br /> 5~. Glenn Hawfield, Jr., Chairman <br /> Cabarrus County Board of Cc~missioners <br /> 85 Washington Lane, S. E. <br /> Concord, North Carolina' 28025 <br /> <br /> Dear 5~. Hawfield: <br /> <br />On November 19, 1977, Secretary Lee of the North Carolina Department <br />of Natural Resources and Community Development wrote to you and re- <br />quested that your County Board of'Commissioners designate an agency <br />to operate the Emergency Energy Conservation Program in Cabarrus <br />County. To date, we have not received a response. <br /> <br />-First, I would like to recapitulate several points in the Secretary's <br />letter. The State Economic Opportunity Office (SEOO) of the Depart- <br />ment of Natural Resources and Community Development has received a <br />grant from the Community Services Administration (CSA) to implement <br />the Emergency Energy Conservation Program in the twenty-two (22) <br />counties not served by Community Action Agencies (CAA's). The primary <br />purpose of this program is to assist the poor, particularly the elderly <br />and handicapped, in coping with the high cost of energy and reducing <br />their energy consumption. <br /> <br />Funds under this program can be used for two purposes. First, at least <br />seventy percent (70%) of the funds must be used to weatherize the homes <br />of low-income persons which consists of weatherstripping doors, putting <br />up storm windows and doors, and insulation. Up to thirty percent (30%) <br />of these funds can be used for crisis intervention, under which funds <br />are provided to assist in paying, fuel and utility bills and rel'ated <br />emergency services. <br /> <br />I would like to apprise you of certain information which was not con- <br />tained in Secretary Lee's letter. ~ In addition to $14,221.00for Fiscal <br />Year 1977 which your county will receive for Emergency Energy Conserva- <br />tion Program (weatherization and crisis intervention), your county is <br />eligible to receive a limited amount of additional funds to administer <br />this program. (If you were to select a Community Action Agency to <br />operate this program in your county, all or part of the'se administrative <br />funds could be allocated to provide services, since Community Action <br />Agencies are provided general administrative monies to operate the <br />Emergency Energy Conservation Program). <br /> <br /> <br />