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March 10, 2008 (Work Session) Page 740 <br />developer learned about the pipeline coming through the property. He said <br />the natural gas pipeline will have to cross other utility lines, disturb <br />three underground springs that feed Coddle Creek and the natural gas utility <br />provider will not have to pay to move the gas lines if Highway 3 is widened <br />to four lanes. He expressed concern that this pipeline could have a lot of <br />unforeseen costs to the County associated with it. He also stated the <br />pipeline is supposed to go around the reservoir and may affect other county- <br />owned property. <br />A brief discussion ensued. Mr. Wilkinson announced that his letter <br />states that condemnation will begin on April 15, 2008 and recommended the <br />Board investigate these issues before condemnation begins. <br />Mr. Koch reported the County has not received a "Notice of Intent to <br />Condemn", but has heard that other property owners have. <br />With there being no one else to address the Board, Chairman White <br />closed that portion of the meeting. <br />Chairman White announced that his employer, the law firm of Hartsell & <br />Williams, PA, has been contacted about handling some of the legal issues <br />related to the Monroe pipeline and that he will not be voting. Chairman <br />White MOVED to recuse himself from voting on the request for the Town of <br />Midland to purchase a right-of-way at the Rocky River Elementary School for <br />the Monroe pipeline. Commissioner Carruth seconded the motion. The MOTION <br />unanimously carried. <br />There was a general discussion on accepting or declining the offer from <br />Midland and the appropriate language for the motion. <br />Richard M. Koch, County Attorney, advised that Midland is interested in <br />hearing from the Board; more information is needed other than to accept or <br />decline the offer; and is the Board interested in entering into negotiations <br />with the Town of Midland. <br />A brief discussion ensued concerning how the situation was handled and <br />how and where to place the item on the agenda. <br />UPON MOTION of Commissioner Mynatt, seconded by Commissioner Carruth, <br />with Vice Chairman Juba and Commissioners Carruth, Mynatt and Privette voting <br />for and Chairman Whiteabstaining, the Board voted to place the request for <br />the Town of Midland to purchase a right-of-way at the Rocky River Elementary <br />School for the Monroe Pipeline on the March 29, 2008 Agenda as a New Business <br />item. <br />Recesa of Meeting <br />Chairman White called for a short recess at 5:11 p.m. The meeting <br />reconvened at 5:26 p.m. <br />Fishertown Utilities Plan <br />Kelly Sifford, Community Development Manager, reported information was <br />provided by Kannapolis related to the Fishertown Utility Plan as part of the <br />TIF (Tax Increment Financing) for the N.C. Research Campus when the Board <br />asked Kannapolis to consider annexing or extending sewer services to <br />Fishertown. She said Kannapolis has studied the issue and has provided cost <br />estimates and financing options. Further, she reported Kannapolis plans to <br />mail the following letter to the Fishertown community and wants to know if <br />the County wants its name included in the letter. <br />Draft Letter to Residents <br />February 29, 2006 <br />Dear Resident, <br />For the last several months, the City of Kannapolis has been <br />exploring the possibility of extending water and sewer utility <br />service to residents of the Fishertown Community. To make a final <br />choice whether or not to spend the money to build the lines, we <br />need your input, <br />Enclosed in this letter is a fact sheet to help you understand <br />the positives and negatives of receiving city water and sewer <br />service. In order to build the lines, the City will need to annex <br />your neighborhood. With this comes better services but also <br />higher property taxes and other fees. Additionally, as with other <br />