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December 3, 2018 (work Session) Page 3764 <br />County Manager - Performance Learning Center Stormwater Easement and Maintenance <br />Agreement <br />Jonathan Marshall, Deputy County Manager, reported the City of Concord <br />requires an access and maintenanceagreementfor stormwater control measures <br />regulated as part of their stormwater utility. He stated the requested agreement <br />is for the stormwater measures in place at the new Performance Learning Center <br />off of Weddington Road. He further stated CCS (Cabarrus County Schools) is <br />requesting the Board to take action on this item tonight. <br />UPON NOTION of Vice Chairman Honeycutt, seconded by Commissioner Kiger <br />and unanimously carried, the Board suspended its Rules of Procedure in order to <br />take action on this item due to time constraints. <br />UPON MOTION of Commissioner Kiger, seconded by Commissioner Shue and <br />unanimously carried, the Board approved the agreement between Cabarrus County <br />and the City of Concord for the stormwater measures at the Performance Learning <br />Center and authorized the Chairman to execute the agreement on behalf of <br />Cabarrus County, subject to review or revisions by the County Attorney. <br />County Manager - Solicitation Policy Update <br />Pam Dubois, Senior Deputy County Manager, presented proposed updates to <br />the Solicitation Policy, last updated April 15, 1996. Changes include adding <br />Cabarrus Helping Hearts and Hands (Ch3), changing blood drives to include <br />generic blood drives for County sponsored events, and adding a line that <br />prohibits employees from emailing other staff from their county email for <br />solicitation purposes. <br />Infrastructure and Asset Management - Transfer of Surplus Vehicle to Conflict <br />Resolution Center and Teen Court <br />Michael Miller, Infrastructure and Asset Management Director, presented <br />a request to transfer a surplus vehicle to the Conflict Resolution Center and <br />Teen Court. He stated County staff has identified asset 8377, a 2015 Ford Police <br />Interceptor SUV with 108,000 miles, as a match for their request. He further <br />stated the Conflict Resolution Center and Teen Court plan to use the vehicle to <br />transport youth offenders that are working at various sites around the county <br />as part of their sentence and restitution. <br />A brief discussion ensued. <br />Solid Waste - Republic Services Proposed Recycling Processing Services Agreement <br />Kevin Grant, Sustainability Manager, presented a request for an agreement <br />with Republic Services for recycling processing services. He stated the current <br />recycling processing services contract with Sonoco Recycling expires December <br />31, 2018. Sonoco Recycling will no longer handle residential recyclable <br />material. He further stated Republic Services is managing the one remaining <br />recycling processing facility in the area and has proposed a recycling <br />processing agreement to the County. This agreement covers recycled material <br />collected from unincorporated Cabarrus residents, county schools and county <br />recycling convenience centers. <br />A discussion ensued. During discussion, Mr. Grant responded to questions <br />from the Board. <br />County Manager - Cabarrus County Strategic Plan <br />In regards to updating the Cabarrus County Strategic Plan for the 2020 <br />budget process, Mike Downs, County Manager, thanked the Board for answering the <br />questionnaires and surveys sent out. He stressed the importance of having a <br />plan in place as we begin the new budget process. It would help identify the <br />receivables needed for upcoming projects for schools, parks, libraries, senior <br />centers, etc. over the next 5, 10 and 15 years. Mr. Downs further stated a plan <br />would assist staff to move forward in the right direction to meet these growing <br />and or continuing needs. <br />Lauren Tayara, Budget Analyst, Kristin Jones, Budget and Performance <br />Manager, and Kasia Thompson, Communications and Outreach Manager, presented a <br />PowerPoint presentation titled "Strategic Plan Discussion: Evaluating the <br />Mission and Vision". Commissioners were requested to participate and provide <br />input during the strategic plan process. <br />The following questions were included <br />