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CABARRUS COUNTY <br /> BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS <br /> <br /> REGULAR MEETING <br /> <br /> SEPTEMBER 20, 1999 <br /> 6:30 P.M. <br /> <br />CALL TO ORDER BY THE CHAIRMAN <br />PRESENTATION OF COLORS <br /> <br />BOY SCOUT TROOP <br /> (to be announced) <br /> <br /> INVOCATION <br />THE REVEREND FIONA BERGSTROM <br />ASSISTANT TO THE RECTOR <br /> ALL SAINTS EPISCOPAL CHURCH <br /> <br />A. APPROVAL OR CORRECTION OF MINUTES <br /> 1. August 30, 1999 (Regular Meeting) <br /> <br />B. APPROVAL OF THE AGENDA <br /> <br />C. RECOGNITIONS AND PRESENTATIONS <br /> <br />1. Recognition of Joan Hathcock, Retired Veterans Service Officer - Lewis Williams, <br /> Senior Veterans Service Officer <br />2. Recognition of Deputy SheriffNevin Robinson on His Retirement from the Sheriff's <br /> Department - Sheriff Robert Canaday <br />3. Recognition of Charles B. "Bill" Ross on His Retirement as Register of Deeds on <br /> September 23, 1999 - Linda McAbee, Chief Assistant Register of Deeds <br />4. Recognition of Michael L. Murphy, Aging Services Director, on Receiving the 1998-99 <br /> Ralph W. Ketner Employee Productivity Award for the Lunch Plus Club for Elderly <br /> Nutrition Program ~ Blair Bennett, Deputy County Manager <br />5. Recognition of Senior Planners Bradley J. Lagano and William E. Moore on Certification <br /> as Members of the American Institute of'Certified Planners - Jonathan Marshall, <br /> Planning Services Director <br /> <br /> <br />