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February 6, 2017 (Work Session) Page 3021 <br /> The Board of Commissioners for the County of Cabarrus met for an Agenda <br /> Work Session in the Multipurpose Room at the Cabarrus County Governmental Center <br /> in Concord, North Carolina on Monday, February 6, 2017 at 4:00 p.m. <br /> Present - Chairman: Stephen M. Morris <br /> Vice Chairman: Diane R. Honeycutt <br /> Commissioners: F. Blake Kiger <br /> Elizabeth F. Poole <br /> Lynn W. Shue <br /> Also present were Mike Downs, County Manager; Richard M. Koch, County <br /> Attorney; Pam Dubois, Senior Deputy County Manager; Jonathan Marshall, Deputy <br /> County Manager; Kyle Bilafer, Area Manager; and Megan Smit, Clerk to the Board. <br /> Commissioner Poole arrived at 4:02 p.m. and was present for the remainder <br /> of the meeting. <br /> Call to Order <br /> Chairman Morris called the meeting to order at 4:00 p.m. <br /> Approval of Agenda <br /> Chairman Morris presented the following changes to the Agenda: <br /> Additions: <br /> Discussion Items - No Action <br /> 3. 4 BOC - NCACC Video Update <br /> UPON MOTION of Commissioner Kiger, seconded by Commissioner Shue and <br /> unanimously carried, the Board approved the Agenda as amended. <br /> Discussion Items - No Action <br /> Cardinal Innovations Healthcare Solutions - FY 2017 Semi-Annual Report <br /> Commissioner Poole arrived during the Cardinal Innovations Healthcare <br /> Solutions report at 4:02 p.m. and was present for the remainder of the meeting. <br /> Reid Thornburg, Cardinal Innovations Healthcare Solutions, Senior <br /> Community Executive, presented the Cardinal Innovations Healthcare Solutions <br /> Dashboard Report for July through December 2016. In the future, he advised, <br /> the report would be submitted on a quarterly basis. <br /> Topics included in the report were: <br /> • Funding <br /> • Registry of Unmet Needs <br /> • Number of Members Served by Funding <br /> • Members Served and Expenses by Service Category - Medicaid <br /> • Members Served and Expenses by Service Category - State <br /> • Members Served and Expenses by Service Category - Crisis Services <br /> • Access Call Center <br /> Following the presentation, a discussion ensued with Mr. Thornburg <br /> responding to a variety of questions from the Board. <br /> Commissioner Poole requested Mr. Thornburg to provide more information <br /> regarding unmet needs. <br /> DHS - Community Child Protection Team Annual Report <br /> Paula Yost, Cabarrus County Community Child Protection Team (COPT) , Chair, <br /> presented a PowerPoint presentation of the annual report from the Cabarrus <br /> County Child Protection Team and Child Fatality Team. <br /> The report titled "The State of our Children: A 2016 Report" included <br /> the following topics: <br /> • What is Child Protection Team (CPT) ? <br /> • 2015 Child Deaths <br /> • Grief Help <br /> • Child Abuse - DHS Numbers <br /> • Efforts by the DA' s Office <br />