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September 17, 2018 (Regular Meeting) Page 3686 <br />The Board of Commissioners for the County of Cabarrus met in regular <br />session in the Commissioners' Meeting Room at the Cabarrus County Governmental <br />Center in Concord, North Carolina at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, September 17, 2018. <br />Present - Chairman: Stephen M. Morris <br />Vice Chairman: Diane R. Honeycutt <br />Commissioners: F. Blake Kiger <br />Elizabeth F. Poole <br />Lynn W. Shue <br />Also present were Mike Downs, County Manager; Richard Koch, County <br />Attorney; Jonathan Marshall, Deputy County Manager; Kyle Bilafer, Area Manager <br />of Operations; and Lauren Linker, Clerk to the Board. <br />Chairman Morris called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. <br />Chairman Morris led the Pledge of Allegiance. <br />A moment of silence was observed. <br />(A) APPROVAL OR CORRECTION OF MINUTES <br />UPON MOTION of Vice Chairman Honeycutt, seconded by Commissioner Shue and <br />unanimously carried, the Board approved the minutes of June 9, 2018 (Work <br />Meeting) and June 18, 2018 (Regular Meeting) as presented. <br />(B) APPROVAL OF THE AGENDA <br />Chairman Morris reviewed the following changes to the agenda. <br />Additions: <br />Recognitions and Presentations <br />C-3 Emergency Management - Hurricane Florence Update <br />New Business <br />G-3 County Manager - Acquisition of Property <br />Updated: <br />New Business <br />G-2 BOC - NCACC Solicitation of County legislative goals <br />• 2018-19 Proposed Goals Submission Added <br />UPON MOTION of Commissioner Kiger, seconded by Commissioner Shue and <br />unanimously carried, the Board approved the agenda as amended. <br />(C) RECOGNITIONS AND PRESENTATIONS <br />(C-1) EMS - Recognition of Dr. Craig Corey <br />Jimmy Lentz, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Director, recognized Dr. <br />Craig Corey for his 24 years of service as the EMS Medical Director. Mr. Lentz <br />highlighted Dr. Corey's accomplishments during his tenure with the County. <br />Justin Brines, EMS Assistant Director, presented Dr. Corey with a plaque <br />in recognition of his service to Cabarrus County. <br />Alan Thompson, Retired EMS Director, spoke regarding Dr. Corey's <br />contributions to the EMS program during his tenure. <br />Dr. Corey expressed his appreciation and thanked the Board and EMS staff <br />for their support. <br />(C-2) Constitution Week - Proclamation <br />Donna Johnson Delaney, Constitution Week Chair, Cabarrus Black Boys <br />Chapter NSDAR, requested the adoption of a proclamation in observance of <br />Constitution Week and the signing of the U.S. Constitution. <br />Chairman Morris read the proclamation aloud. <br />UPON MOTION of Commissioner Shue, seconded by Commissioner Kiger and <br />unanimously carried, the Board adopted the proclamation. <br />Proclamation No. 2018-14 <br />CONSTITUTION WEEK 2018 PROCLAMATION <br />