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April 24, 2008 (Recessed Meeting) <br />Education Center Addition-Cash <br />Glenn Center Replacement (Land & A/E Fees) <br />Northwest Area Middle (Land only) <br />Mt. Pleasant Middle Replacement (Land) <br />High School Stadiums-Artificial Turf <br />Mt. Pleasant High Addition (A/E) - Cash <br />Northwest Area Middle (A/E) <br />NWHS Gym, Cafeteria Replacement (A/E)- Cash <br />Subtotal for Cabarrus Co. Schools Requests <br />A.L. Brown HS Wing Addition <br />A.L. Brown HS Vocational Bldg. Renovation <br />Kannapolis Middle School Wing Addition <br />New Intermediate School <br />Subtotal for Kannapolis City Schools <br />Total <br />Italics = Projects in Motion <br />(Funded in FY09 6 FY10 Budget) <br />Page 811 <br />$5,076,298 <br />$9,689,600 <br />$1,400,000 <br />$5,250,000 <br />$52,165,968 <br />$135,992 <br />$1,288,910 <br />$1,929,902 <br />$53,590,370 <br />$2,397,278 <br />$77,731,556 <br />$9,501,331 <br />53,179, 613 <br />$1,752,789 <br />$16,463,009 <br />$30,896,732 <br />$108,628,288 <br />$36,950,070 <br />$88,015,222 <br />Use 2008 Cash Funds for Land/Architect/Engineering/Other <br />Details of Land Purchases <br />ATA Replacement <br />Northwest Elem. (Odell) <br />Glenn Center Replacement site (Deposit, Appraisal, Phase I) <br />Northwest Area Middle (Deposit, Appraisal, Phase I) <br />Mt. Pleasant Middle Replacement (Deposit, Appraisal, Phase I) <br />Details of Architect/Engineering Fees <br />Furr Elementary Addition - Architect <br />Furr Elementary Addition - Engineering <br />Boger Addition - Architect <br />Boger Addition - Engineering <br />Mt. Pleasant Middle Replacement (Balance of Design) <br />Total Funds Committed <br />Use 2009 Cash Funds <br />Land/Architect/Engineering/Other $9,224,325 <br />Carryover from 2008 $225,117 <br />Available Funds $9,499,492 <br />Education Center Addition $ 489,989 <br />Mt. Pleasant High Addition (A/E) $ 389,188 <br />NWHS Gym, Cafeteria Replacement (A/E) $ 223,959 <br />Cafeteria Hood Venting Replacements <br />(13 Locations) $ 635,691 <br />Athletic Request - JMRHS $ 625,000 <br />Athletic Request - HRHS $ 970,000 <br />Total Funds Committed $3,528,272 <br />Issue of Debt Financing June 09: <br />Education Center Addition <br />Glenn Center Replacement (Alt. Program Center) <br />Mount Pleasant High Addition <br />Northwest Area Middle <br />NWHS Gym, Cafeteria Replacement <br />Coltrane-Webb Renovatlon <br />Elementary-South of Harrisburg <br />JN Fries Addition & Cafeteria Renovation <br />Mt. Pleasant/Irvin/Royal Oaks Area Elementary <br />Royal Oaks Elementary.Addition <br />Remodel ATA for Perk Ctr. & Staff Development Rms. <br />Beverly Hills Addition <br />CCHS Addition & Cafeteria Replacement <br />Rebuild Long: Add Child Dev. Ctr. Next to Alt. Ctr. <br />West/Central High (Lg. Parcel to add Middle Later) <br />Beverly Hills Renovation <br />Northwest Middle Addition & Cafeteria Renovation <br />Land Banking for next 5 years projects <br />Subtotal - Cabarrus County Schools <br />Renovation of currentInter School to Elem School <br />Jackson Park Gym Addition <br />A. L. Brown Field Addition <br />Shady Brook Wing Addition <br />Greenhouses <br />Subtotal - Kannapolis City Schools <br />$9,946,907 <br />$1,378,125 <br />$2,494,800 <br />$85,000 <br />$160,000 <br />$160,000 <br />$138,378 <br />$17,297 <br />$149,449 <br />$18, 681 <br />$120,060 <br />$4,721,790 <br />Needed by 10/1/08 <br />Needed 1/29/09 <br />Needed 1/29/09 <br />Funding Available 1/09 <br />Funding Available 3/09 <br />Funding Available 6/09 <br />$6,250,971 <br />$39,629,155 <br />$5,232,426 <br />$36,388,155 <br />$2,569,724 <br />$9,634,600 <br />$19,592,553 <br />$3,134,682 <br />$5,000,000 <br />$5,897,779 <br />51,936,853 <br />$3,729,716 <br />$10,105,976 <br />$69,357,497 <br />$9,577,229 <br />$3,909,913 <br />$25,200,000 <br />$251,592,176 <br />$3,118,500 <br />$3,118,500 <br />$2,000,000 <br />52,202,882 <br />$400,000 <br />$10,839,882 <br />