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June 16, 2008 (Regular Meeting) Page 858 <br />Mike Helms, resident of 7900 Malibu Road in Mt. Pleasant, expressed <br />concerns with the tax values the County has assigned to his real and personal <br />property. He also stated that citizens should get to elect new members to <br />the Board. <br />Larry Marlow, resident of 664 Odell School Road in Concord, expressed <br />appreciation to the Board for their hard work. He also spoke in favor of <br />electing new members to the Board; asked to have the microphones adjusted at <br />the Agenda Work Sessions; and recommended the County place another moratorium <br />on residential construction. <br />Joanna Dudley, resident of 6913 Wellington Lane in Harrisburg, <br />expressed support for expansion of the Board by election,. district <br />representation and increased minority representation. She also asked for <br />additional time to consider all the options. <br />Manuel Kiser, resident of 7676 Flowes Store Road in Concord, expressed <br />opposition to current legislation to expand the Board. He said changing the <br />rules in the middle of the game is cheating. <br />Allison Kitfield, resident of 192 North Union Street North in Concord, <br />stated there is no urgency to expand the Board and that the appropriate time <br />to expand is before an electoral season, not in the middle of one. She also <br />commented on the unfairness to new candidates. <br />Grace Liem, resident of 9955 Bentridge Drive in Concord, expressed <br />support for the Board expanding by election and asked where the new members <br />will sit. <br />Dean Peterson, resident of 1309 Bellhook Place NW in Concord, spoke in <br />support of expanding the Board. He advocated a nine member Board similar to <br />Pitt County and to use the State committee to determine district boundaries. <br />Mary Ellen Phifer-Kirton, resident of 278 Esther Circle in Kannapolis, <br />spoke in support of expansion of the Board by a public vote of the citizens <br />in Cabarrus County. <br />Alex Porter, resident of 193 South Union Street South in Concord, <br />commented on expanding the Board. He addressed district voting and district <br />representation. <br />Barbara Sharpe, resident of 89-H Lake Concord Road in Concord, spoke in <br />support of expansion of the Board by election. To ensure fairness to all <br />involved, she suggested more time be spent on investigation. Further, she <br />suggested a bipartisan committee present an expansion plan for future <br />discussion. <br />Bill Smith, resident of 504 Dodge Street in Kannapolis, spoke in <br />support of expanding the Board by holding a general election in November for <br />two at-large, nonpartisan seats with two year terms. He explained that at <br />the end of the term, the incumbents would have to declare their party <br />affiliation and file for election under that banner. He further commented <br />that legislation could be written to encompass this unique approach. <br />Justin Thibault, resident of 5489 Coleman Circle in Concord, commented <br />on the expansion of the Board. He suggested a committee be appointed to <br />review all expansion options. The recommended plan would then be placed on <br />the 2010 ballot for approval, which should dissolve any conspiracy theories. <br />He. further recommended waiving district residency requirements and electing a <br />majority of the Board-during presidential elections. <br />Larry Witmer, resident of 11281 Old Cedar Court in Davidson, spoke in <br />support of district representation. He stated district representation would <br />provide a better racial and geographic balance to the Board. <br />Wendy Wood, resident of 717 Union Street South in Concord, representing <br />the Cabarrus County Democratic Party, spoke in support of the Board expansion <br />by election and commented on the unusual timing of the' legislation. She <br />cautioned that adding two new members would complicate the implementation of <br />district representation since several members already reside near Concord. <br />With there being no one else to address the Board, Chairman White <br />closed that portion of the meeting. <br />(E) OLD BUSINESS <br />